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Have the Best Summer Ever with Dayspring's Summer Camp Connections!
Our Camps
  • Becoming the Change (Sessions 1 & 3)
     Get involved and find ways to support your local and global community through service-based projects. There is no project too big or too small, whether it be helping a neighbor carry their groceries, or raising awareness of the importance of recycling. Discover the many different ways to help the world become a more peaceful and unified place. (FULL) Grades K-2 during Session 1 and grades 3-5 during Session 3.
  • Street Hockey Grades 3-5 / Grades 6-8 (Session 1)
     These camps include an introduction and continued development of beginning level hockey skills and techniques. Learn in a fun atmosphere encouraging a lifelong passion for hockey. Improve cardiovascular and physical fitness as well as learn social and team skills. Camp instruction will consist of proper warm-up techniques, group instruction, individual instruction, and team games. Session 1 Grades 3-5 and 6-8.
  • Mullins Rock Week (Session 1)

         Come spend the week rocking out with Mullins Music. This camp will instill a love of music and develop skills that will turn campers into rockstars!



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  • Odyssey of the Mind Skills (Session 2)

         Want to learn the skills necessary for success in Odyssey of the Mind? Come and learn how to safely work with tools. Explore set building, script writing, and thinking outside the box.


    Grades K-11.

  • Storybook Summer (Session 3)

         Come join our readers theater with groups acting out fairy tales and folk tales from around the world. Participate in STEM activities (including small model construction), improvisation, group storytelling, and writing.



    Grades K-2.

  • Flag Football (Session 3)

         Have a blast with this flag football introduction and continued development, which will emphasize both individual and team offensive/defensive concepts. Learn and practice the fundamental skills of passing, catching, punting, and kicking a football, and reinforce your learning by participating in skill based games and a 7v7 flag football game.



    Grades 3-8.

  • Books They Don’t Teach in School (Session 4)

         Come dive into genres you may not have even known existed until this very moment. British, Arthurian, Native American, Gothic and Caribbean Literature! Think you have fairy tales figured out? Think you know the true legend of King Arthur? Want to know where, how, and why scary movies became so popular? Want to be introduced to another culture? Want to practice creating your own masterpiece? If so, this camp is for you and will blow your mind!



    Grades 6-11.


  • Play in the Clay (Session 6)

         Ready for fun this summer! Expand your imagination and experience the creative world of clay. Explore sculpture, wheel-thrown pottery, and hand building methods with clay.


    Grades 3-5.

  • Your GIFT, Your CHOICE, STEM Included! (Sessions 2, 4 & 6)

         Are you a gifted learner that is bright enough to make your very own choices? Do you enjoy critical thinking and problem solving? If so, then this is the camp for you! Take your “giftedness” to the extreme through various STEM activities. Be prepared to work diligently, stay organized, and share your findings with others!


    Grades 3-5 during Session 4, and grades K-2 during Session 2 and Session 6.

  • iTech Coding (Session 4)

         Learn to code with our summer iTech coding camp! Mod in Minecraft, Script in Roblox, and make apps with programming languages in the App Lab! Build small robots and program them with the Blocky programming language. Learn the basics of Javascript, Blockly, Scratch, and LUA computer programming languages during this 4 day camp, and become a Computer Science Tech!



    Grades 6-11.

  • Let the Drama Begin (Session 5)

         Whether you are an experienced drama king/queen, or want to step out of your comfort zone and give drama a try, this is the camp for you. Get comfortable and find ways to be “dramatic” on stage or behind the scenes.



    Grades K-2.

  • Musical Theater Intensive Grades K-5 (Session 5)

         Dive right in and flourish at this summer musical theater camp. At the end of the session, be part of a mini show where you will gain confidence and grow into that Broadway star you have dreamed of becoming!


    Grades K-5.

  • Musical Theater Intensive Grades 6-11 (Session 5)

         Build confidence on stage and in everyday life with this Broadway theater project master camp. Participate in intensive workshops on acting, dancing, improvisation, musical theater, and voice. At the end of the session, be part of a Broadway theater project performance.



    Grades 6-11.

  • Songwriting (Sessions 3)

         Become a songwriter! Learn the craft of writing your own song, gain tips on how to become a better singer, and make great friends along the way. Work together and support one another’s creative and musical growth, culminating in an unforgettable confidence building, creatively growing, musically-enriching experience.



    Grades  2-8

  • Robotics (Session 6)

         Robotics camp will provide campers with a fun and interactive experience in which faculty and teaching assistants will teach the basics of robotics, electronics, and computer programming.


    Grades 3-11.

  • ALL SPORTS (Sessions 2 & 6)

         All Sports camp is for those who want to discover new talents, be active, and play sports! You don’t have to be an all-star athlete, you just have to love athletics!



    Sessions 2 & 6

    Grades K-5 during Session 2 and Grades 3-8 during Session 6

  • Myths and Legends (Session 4)

         Ready for an adventure! Dive into the worlds of Greek, Nordic, Egyptian, and Native American myths and legends. With an emphasis on creating, write your own fables and design your own mythical creatures. Participate in STEM activities to emulate Greek architecture and technology.



    Grades K-2.


 For the first time, Dayspring Academy will be offering Summer Camps. From a variety of sports, to learning about some of the world's greatest authors, Daypring's Summer Camp Connections offer something for everyone! These camps will be open to the public. To register for a summer camp please fill out the form below. Tuition for each camp is $125 per camper and will need to be paid at the time of registration. There will be no refunds once this payment is made. *First come, first served. Space is limited for each camp. Camps will be held Mondays-Thursdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. *All camps are based on the current grade your learner is in for the 2017-2018 school year.



Session 1

June 4 - 7


Session 2

June 11 - 14


Session 3

June 18 - 21


Session 4

July 16 - 19


Session 5

July 23 - 26


Session 6

July 30 - August 2

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