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Saturday October 7, 2017 6 PM Heritage Springs Country Club, Trinity



 SUPPORT CHILDREN Our vision is to create an educational family which develops character driven, culturally literate, life-long learners who bring value to their community.
 SUPPORT EDUCATION We are committed to content driven teaching. Our learners are taught 
 how to think critically and explore content, leaving test scores to reflect learning. Dayspring currently ranks as the top performing school in Pasco County.
 SUPPORT COMMUNITY We believe that together we can accomplish greater results. Be the local business or community leader that becomes a sponsor of our 2017 Gala and changes the culture of West Pasco. Together WE can!
 SUPPORT THE ARTS Our mission is to prepare learners of Pasco County, Pre-K through 12th grade, for high school, college, and for the work force by delivering a world class education through the arts in a collaborative environment fueled by a passion for learning.
Our Gala sponsors are essential in helping Dayspring accomplish our mission. It is through the generosity of local family-owned businesses to some of the bay area's largest corporations, that we are able to share our high-quality, enriched school choice with more Pasco County families.
A RED CARPET AFFAIR Our 5th annual Gala brings the excellence in theater to, A Night at the Tony’s, Dayspring’s 2017 Gala! This red carpet event will not disappoint as we showcase elite Broadway favorites during a live performance while you enjoy a 3-course dinner and a chance to participate in our live and silent auctions. Join us on Saturday, October 7, 2017 at the beautiful Heritage Springs Country Club in Trinity. Tickets will be available soon.
 UPCOMING EVENTS Gala Silent Auction Donations Are Due For questions about donations being requested
 email: 2017 Gala & Performance Time: 6:00 PM Location: Heritage Springs Country Club, Trinity, FL
 LATEST NEWS Save the Date The date is set! Dayspring announces it's 5th annual Gala date and location. October 7, 2017 at 6 PM at the beautiful Heritage Springs Country Club, Trinity Join our Fast-Paced Gala Team Our 2017 Gala committees are forming now! Feel the excitement from behind the scenes at our 2017 Gala while raising $$1,000's$$ towards a new secondary school building #DayspringRising Help Spread the Word Word of Mouth is an immensely powerful tool. Share our Gala page with neighbors and family members to help raise event awareness
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Dayspring Academy has been educating in the community for 17 years and proudly serves over 800 students. Our students are challenged with a content rich curriculum that places emphasis on digital skills, equipping them for the international workforce. Our rigorous academic standards coupled with dedicated staff has proven successful outcomes, as Dayspring continues to score at the top of all state tests and has recently ranked as the top preforming school in Pasco County. We make it our daily mission to deliver a world-class education through the arts in a collaborative environment, fueled by a passion for learning.



This is a reminder that in order to reach our common goal, it takes a community. Dayspring currently has a waiting list of over 900 children that we would love to accommodate, but are unable to, due to a lack of space and resources. As a charter school, Dayspring receives reduced state funding, causing us to rely heavily on fundraising efforts. When you join Dayspring as a 2017 Gala sponsor through our various sponsorship opportunities, you are partnering with us on our mission, allowing us to offer our high academic standards to more Pasco County youth, preparing them to be active, successful, participants in our community.




Dayspring Academy

for Education and the Arts

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