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The Arts Team
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     The Arts at Dayspring Academy are vibrant! Learners engage in all we have to offer with enthusiasm, curiosity and dedication. We offer programming in Music, Visual Arts, Digital Arts, Theater, and Dance, beginning with our youngest learners in VPK through our High School students. The integration of our daily school activities with our four major school productions gives our learners countless opportunities to become involved in the Arts.

     Dayspring learners are constantly engaged in the process of making art -- whether that is making music, creating works in visual art, performing scenes or dancing. There is a strong emphasis on developing skills and techniques. As our learners approach new concepts or techniques, we provide context by introducing related history, literature, and critical analysis.

     Our spectacular Arts Team support and guide each learner to make discoveries, explore and develop their creative potential. By problem-solving and working through mistakes, the learners gain confidence and perseverance in their artistic and non-artistic endeavors. Participation in ensembles, casts, group projects, and group critiques teach learners to work collaboratively, listen to others, and be respectful of other voices in a group.

     The arts come alive at Dayspring Academy and offer each learner a unique and exciting experience as they grow, find their passion and develop their own voice.








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Dayspring Academy

for Education and the Arts

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