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The Arts Team
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An important part of the school experience is the participation with fellow learners and faculty members in activities of personal interest and development. Dayspring Academy offers a full range of activities which stimulate and develop the interests of each learner.



Junior and High School Thespians

Middle and High School learners who have an interest in theatre can take their passion one step forward by becoming a part of their campus' thespian troupe. The troupes travel to various competitions singing with a goal to be the best and move on to the next stage of competition.

4th & 5th Grade Ukulele Club

Ukulele Club is an organization for learners who want to learn how to play the ukulele. The club focuses on the appreciation, history and further study of the instrument.

Secondary School Band

Members of the Secondary School Band grow through music each year. Studies have shown that most learners who have a great understanding of music are more intellectually stimulated and find greater success in academic studies. Being a part of the Band is an emotional uplift to a learners' daily life. Most importantly, it is the driving force for artistic expression, emotion, creativity and discipline from within. Learners can choose an instrument to pursue from a long list of options.

Secondary School Choir


Dayspring’s choral program is a highly joyful yet very serious celebration of music appreciation, self-expression, and teamwork through singing for both Elementary and Secondary learners. The additive effects of an individual voice combining for greater impact with other voices, and ultimately the inclusion of an audience makes for a transcendent shared experience. In conjunction with the broader arts curriculum, Dayspring learners understand their own capacity to put forth beauty.

Secondary School Dance and Dance Competitions

The Secondary School Dance Team is a performance-based dance group for those learners with experience in different dance styles. The company emphasizes choreography and technique in ballet, pointe, tap, modern, jazz & hip hop. The Dance Team rehearses weekly to prepare for their many performance opportunities, and upcoming competitions.

Secondary School Set Design

The Set Design Club for the school play is responsible for creating the backdrops, props, etc. for our school play. The show cannot go on without a great Set Design!

Elementary and Secondary School Visual Arts

The Dayspring experience is punctuated by frequent and intimate interactions with the arts. Through Visual Arts, learners learn to express themselves through alternative forms of communication. Learners are directed and encouraged to think divergently, applying concepts to create unique works of art in a variety of media. Our Visual Art instructors demonstrate and teach the skills necessary to master techniques of each discipline.

Design Team

Through projects in Graphic Design, Digital Photography, and Video Art, Learners develop and explore their artistic vision with the use of professional creative software. Learners in this class apply this knowledge to creating the promotional material for our school productions.

Dayspring Academy

for Education and the Arts

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